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Roof Repair/Replacement/Maintenance

How much does it cost to put a new roof on an Older RV?


A new roof may be all it takes to get your older RV into a useable condition.


So how much does it actually cost to put a new roof on an RV? The answer is about $350.00 per linear foot.


So if you have a 30' RV, 30 x $350 is $10,500.


RV Roof replacements cost so much because they are very labor intensive. RV Repair shops typically estimate the replacement costs per linear foot. Completing the estimate involves itemizing all the materials and labor costs.


Here at At Your Door RV Service we offer some great advantages over other shops:


First, we are strictly a mobile service so we do all repairs on site. That means you don't have to move into a hotel, tow/drive your rig to a far away shop. In most cases you can live in it while repairs are being performed.


Second, we use a much tougher 60 mil fiberglass imbedded TPO commercial roof membrane.  If seams are required, we heat weld the seams making a one piece roof.

Most roof membrane damage is caused by driving under branches or other obstructions. The EPDM rubber or PVC roof membrane installed on most rigs is 0.029-0.040" thick with no reinforcing. It simply tears. That won't happen with our roof.


Here we have broken out some basic RV roof replacement costs.


Labor: $150/hr


Replace roof membrane labor:

1hr per linear foot


Replace Roof decking and Luan:

1hr per  4ft of roof (round up) – (ex. 33ft roof = 9 sheets/ 9hrs)


Required removals and installs (R&I) of old materials:

Front cap molding – 1.5hr

Rear cap molding – 1.5hr

Left and Right upper side (gutter) moldings – 2.5hr /each

Powered Awnings if required – 3hr each

Slide out toppers and manual awnings if required – 2hr each


Aluminum Radius- (per unit basis) –

*not all RV’s will have radius

Labor = 1hr per every 7ft




Roof decking- Luan (4×8’ sheets)

$25 per sheet


Replace roof membrane material costs :

21’ = $420

25’ = $500

30’ = $600

35’ = $700

40’ = $800


Sealants and adhesives-

5 gallons TPO Contact adhesive -$250

Additional Sealants for roof appliances and moldings (Lap and Pro Flex)- $15.00 each:

Plumbing vents – 1tube per vent

Satellite, skylights, fridge vents, solar panels, etc. – 3 tubes each

Roof A/C gaskets per A/C – $25.00 each


Aluminum Radius- (per unit basis) – not all units will have radius

Radius material = $5 per foot


Roof disposal – $20.00


Final detail – 2hrs

(This is includes covering coach and interior during replacement process, final clean up from dust and debris, as well as the final wash/ water test.)


So using this information and an average 40’ RV, this is what the estimate might look like:


Line Description                                                      Part Number  Qty  Price                $       Labor     

1    Roof Membrane 60 Mil TPO Fiberglass Imbedded                   1                        $800.00 40.0 Hrs

2    Luan Decking (4x8 Sheets)                                                      10      $25.00      $250.00 10.0 Hrs

3    Aluminum Radius Left Side                                                      40′       $5.00      $200.00  6.0 Hrs

4    Aluminum Radius Right Side                                                   40′        $5.00      $200.00  6.0 Hrs

5    TPO Roof Adhesive 5 Gal                                                         1                        $250.00

6    Additional Sealants And Adhesives (See Notes)                      15      $15.00      $230.00

2 Plumbing Vents (1/2 Tube Each) =              1 Tubes

1 Satellite –                                                     2 Tubes

1 Skylight –                                                      3 Tubes

1 Frigde Vent –                                                3 Tubes

2 Roof Vents – (3 Tubes Each) =                    6 Tubes

8    Front Cap Molding                                                                                                        1.5 Hrs

9    Rear Cap Molding                                                                                                         1.5 Hrs

10  Left Upper Side Molding/Gutter                                                                                     2.5 Hrs

11  Right Upper Side Molding/Gutter                                                                                   2.5 Hrs

12  Right Porch Awning (Electric)                                                                                        3.0 Hrs

13  Left Slide Out Topper                                                                                                     2.0 Hrs

14  A/C Gaskets (2)                                                                 2        $25.00        $50.00

15  Roof Disposal                                                                    1                           $20.00

16  Final Detail                                                                                                                     2.0 Hrs

SUBTOTALS                                                                                                    $2000.00   77.0 Hrs


ESTIMATE                                                                                                          TOTALS

Supplies                                                                                                            $2,000.00

Labor                                                      77.0 hrs @    $ 150.00/hr                 $11,550.00

Total                                                                                                                $13,550.00


So for a 40’ RV roof replacement, it comes to about $14,000, or $350 per linear feet.

Do you have questions about RV roof repair and replacement in Portland Oregon?

At At Your Door RV Service, we do all repairs on site so there is no need to move your rig. For most situations you can continue to live in your RV. Of course, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have. 


Roof Repair

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