We Come to Where You Are!
We Come to Where You Are!
At Your Door RV Service
At Your Door RV Service

Roof Repair/Replacement

We offer complete services on site:


Roof inspections:

     We inspect seals & sealants, vents, membranes, decking and framing.



     In many cases the roof membrane is intact and it is the sealant to the vents, air conditioners, front and rear siding/nose pieces that has failed and are causing leaks.  A quality job entails removing all loose material, cleaning thoroughly, fastening device securely and applying top quality sealants. We use Dicor Self Leveling Sealant for a long lasting flexible top seal and quality butyl tape under flanges. We use Proflex colored sealants for vertical seals.



      The industry standard seems to be a non-reinforced PVC  or EPDM rubber roof  membrane that is glued to the roof deck. Most of these membranes are quite easily damaged with the brush of a tree branch. 

      We use a TPO 60 mil fiberglass reinforced membrane, the same material used on commercial buildings. It is 3 times the thickness and very resistant to abrasion and UV degredation. If seams are required, TPO is heat welded making the roof into one continuous piece lasting the life of your rig.

       In most cases, the substrate  is damaged and in many cases the framing has to be repaired. Often we can make these repairs from the top without damaging the ceiling panels in your rig.

      Since we are a mobile service, we can set up a tall carport to provide protection from the rain during repairs. In most cases, you can continue to live in your rig while repairs are being completed.

      See our costs page to get an idea of how much it might cost to replace your roof.


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